Monday, August 16, 2010

On July 30, 2010 the FDA issued a warning against the use of MMS as a supplement. Health Canada issued a similar warning a few months ago.

I have to say this came as no surprise to us here at Keavy's Corner.
Many sites that provided MMS to consumers were making medical claims, and offering instructions that resulted in levels of chemicals that exceeded safe levels as set forth by the FDA, and EPA.

Anyone who sells products that are marketed as supplements, pesticides, or disinfectants must have EPA, and/or FDA approval to make "kill claims", and claims of cures. This is the first rule of marketing these types of products.

Whether you agree or disagree with this particular rule, it is the rule that we in the business must live by, and those that don't, generally pay a hefty price, and occasionally their freedom.
Freedom of Speech does not apply when you sell a product as a medicine. The FDA can't stop the sale of MMS and other sodium chlorite solutions for applications that have approval, but any site that makes, or has made medical claims, sent out packaging labeled with
instructions for use as a supplement, or provided instructions that exceed FDA/EPA safe levels are liable to be targeted.

Project Green Life (whose labels were shown in the report) has issued a recall of all their sodium chlorite products. This comes after they had "discussions" with the FDA. These discussions apparently came in the form of a convoy of FDA Agents showing up at their fulfillment house, hellbent on finding evidence of wrongdoing.

I suspect that any legal problems that PGL may encounter was probably due to affiliates making medical claims, and then linking into
PGL on an affiliate account. This could leave them liable, as the affiliate was actually a paid salesperson, making them a representive of the company. However I am not a lawyer and this is strictly my opinion and take on things.

Adam Abraham has so very eloquently said so many of the things I wanted to say on a few topics concerning the FDA. That's a whole 'nother article though.

We at Keavy's Corner have never made any medical claims about chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite, or MMS strength solution. We sell our products for a myriad of applications, and provide no protocols for internal use. We supply instruction for a surface product, emergency water purification, and various household uses. We sell our products to end users as consumer commodities, and have warnings on our labels, and include hazmat literature when applicable.

We will continue to supply our all of our customers (municipal, industrial, agricultural, and personal) with the means to generate chlorine dioxide, as well as our other products.

We believe that every human being has the right to be the master of their own body, mind and spirit. We believe that people have the right to good health, and to pursue this in whatever manner they see fit.

Thank You,
Steve Pardee